Monday, February 16, 2009

The V weekend.

Long time no see.
As you may see, I was a little bit upset on Friday 13.but it's true, I have bad luck, I try to not believe in those thing, but anyway.
On Friday I went out with my friend Arely, and went to Le Castle Vania, FINALLY I got to see him play, well like 4 song, but I mean it was awesome, so I was okay with 4 song, on Valentine's day, I went to my best friend's house, and hung out with my 4 best friends in town. It was fun, we baked cupcakes and watched MTV, it was fun.
I've been quite busy with school, I am taking french lessons and I love them, unfortunately, my schedule is very tight, so some days I spend like 10 hours in school, and when I get home, I just I have time to do homework, it's a bit exhausting, but I hope it's worth it.
Right now I am fighting with my back, I have all the stressed gathered in my back, and it's quite painful. But right now I am off to bed, like a little girl, but I've been tired and sleepy and I have a busy day tomorrow.
Hopefully I have more free time when gossip girl is back with new episodes.

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