Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geometric elephants

Finally laying in bed, this weekend is going to be a long one, tomorrow, I don't have french; on Friday I have just one class, and on Monday, I have no school. Sadly, I have tons of homework, including building a paper elephant, and geometry, lots and lots of geometry. The thing is, that I don't really get that class, I do get the process and the things that the teacher ask us , but I don't really get what's the point, my mind works that way, if I don't understand the whole point of something, I don't get it, that happened with calculus last year.
But anyway, fashion week is this week, and tomorrow in my free time I'll be checking the shows.
I've only seen Alexander Wang's show. Brilliant. I hate that man so much, he is too talented and I am too jealous.

I don't really hate A Wang, I admire him so much.

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