Thursday, February 5, 2009

Say random.

So I've been sick for a week now, and I am kind of sad because right now Katy Perry is singing at HoB in San Diego, and I am here, at home, not watching the concert. Yes, the show was sold out.
I have nothing really important to talk about., so I am doing a "1039 random things about you" but I am only doing 10, just because I am bored, and I wanted to post something

1. I am the kind of person that gets obsessed with things, not in a sick way, but I get obsessed with movies, bands, places, etc. Right now, I am obsessed with fashion blogs.
2. I love going to concerts. And usually I save my money for a concert. This year I failed, I wanted Coachella, but spent my money for Monterrey, but it was worth it, I still have money for one or two shows.
3. I am a dog person, I get pretty ridiculous when I see a dog, and I don't like cats that much.
4. I feel so jealous of designers that make it big when they are young, like Alexander Wang, but that's also something I really admire.
5. I want to be a fashion designer, but I would also like to be a band/concert photographer.
6. For some reason, is very easy for me to memorize celebrity/music/ fashion related stories, sometimes, that's all I talk about.
7. I like almost every kind of movie, except scary movies and bloody movies where the whole cast gets killed.
8.I can't walk in high heels, I look like a chicken.
9. I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I can admit it.
10.It's very common for me to relate a real life problem with something from tv. It's dumb but I do it a lot. for example, there is a certain situation and I am like "yeah like that time in the O.C. when Ryan and Marissa..."

and the bonus one. I am not as dumb nor shallow as it seems.

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Luna Supernova said...

i'm an obsesser too. i will catch onto something and research it untill either i know all there is to know or i am so sick of it i have to stop.

we would probably make excellent journalists.. or stalkers.. or serial killers. ok, i'll stop.