Friday, March 20, 2009

Like a feather in a hurricane.

Stress can fuck up your body. School has been really hard, tons of work, and more still to come, I am so tired and sleepy, but I am SO happy for fridayy. I have no plans yet for the weekend, but rest is definetly something I'm doing, plus homework.

Now that I remembered I was going to post some pictures from last week's concert, it was awesome. Hearing acoustic version of tai's songs made me love them more. I a big fan of the band, but I didn't like their last record, but after the show last week, I liked it, idk why.
And I've been listening to This Providence's new album Who are you now?, they are going to make it with this album, it's really good, I recommend it.

Also, the virgins , they are so cool, if you haven't heard them, then you definetly should, they are really cool,, and fun to dance to.

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